Monday, December 29, 2008

Target I Thee Wed

I have been shopping at Target since I was a toddler. I remember very vividly going to the Target in Burnsville, MN, going to the little kids section and using helpful tags with colorful animals to pick out FINE Garanimals outfits. Target outfitted me for the first day of school from Kindergarten to my 2nd Senior Year of college. Target has helped me select the perfect presents for friends and family. Target has provided years of retail therapy. Target has been a haven on a rainy day and a wonderful friend in a pinch.

Both of my girls knew the Bullseye meant Target long before many other words they knew. Target cheers me when I'm sad, calms me when I'm angry, and shares in my triumphs. I literally walk into Target and my blood pressure goes down. Target is home. Target, thereby, is the perfect man. Just for some fun - just check out this site -it's the History of Target! Click on "it starts here" and then if you click on the community tab and then the 1900-1950's tab - see the building that comes up? That the building I worked in when I was a professional gift-wrapper. Target was originally opened by the Dayton corporation, and I worked for Daytons. Eventually Target became the major corporation and they sold Daytons to Macy's (yuck - their one and only Bad Move).I once went on a weekend road trip JUST to go to a Super Target.....Are you feeling how much I adore Target

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