Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From MB

Top 5 things on my iPod:
Love Can Change Your Mind - Lonestar
Looking For You - Amy Grant
Beth - Kiss (DUH)
Second Chance - Trisha Yearwood
When You Lie Next To Me - Kellie Coffey

Top 5 things in my Pantry/Fridge:
Bing Cherries
Sunkist Oranges
Wheat pasta
Skim Milk
Britta pitcher of water

Top 5 pieces of clothing:
Long black dress
Black flip flops with plaid straps
Red Jacket
New white socks

Top 5 TV shows currently watching:
Friends Repeats
Deadliest Catch
Sponge Bob (NOT my choice)
How Do I Look
Whose Wedding is it Anyways

Top 5 things you're tired of saying
I don't care if it's your sisters toy, you were playing with it, you put it away.
Do NOT eat in the living room
We can't go to the pool when it's raining
We can't afford it

Top 5 things you wish you could do today
Meet MB
Win a small amount of money in a lottery
Quit working and do what I want to do
Hire a maid
Buy a new car

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