Saturday, June 7, 2008


The girls are at their dad's for 11 days. I'm looking foward to doing some cleaning and organizing and reading and watching what I want on tv and working out in the evening and maybe even hitting the parkway at night... Those are good things. The quiet is kind of a good thing... Not having to wake up Cranky & Grumpy is a VERY good thing. Not getting a kiss goodbye in the morning - NOT a good thing. Kjersten will be home for less then 12 hours between when she gets back from her dad's and when she leaves for California. I'm so glad she gets to go, but I'm going to miss her tremendously.Now - for the reason behind the title - I called over there this morning to say good morning to the girls (Katie was still asleep). Kjersten was.... DOING THE DISHES FOR GRANNY!!! Did you feel the earth move?? I just about fell over. WOW!! Good work Kjersten!!!!Kjersten got her report card yesterday. North Carolina uses letter grades in elementary school, whereas Minnesota uses S, NS, E... and some other stuff I was never very fond of. Well, Kjersten got 3 C's and 2 B's. The C's were in reading, writing and rithmatic basically :) The b's were in Social Studies and Science. Honestly, I'm VERY proud of her. She switched states, schools, homes etc towards the end of the school year and landed in a school that was MUCH more advanced than the one she came from. She's worked her BUTT off to catch up AND try to fit in. I'm INCREDIBLY proud of her. (Are you getting the idea that I'm proud of her)Katie... Katie Katie Katie Katie... last night we were looking for something she wanted to take to her dads. I was looking and I said "I KNOW it's around here somewhere! It's gotta be right under my nose and I'm just not seeing it." Katie turns to me and says "Well mommy - you do have yellow hair." Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's right, I was the victim of a 5-year-olds blonde joke... Heaven help me.

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